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June 19, 2021 - ARCHIVE

6/19 @ 6:19

The Revolution will be on time.


Rescue Tara Thornton from Sookie F*cking Stackhouse--that’s what You, Me, Us and We must do. During the mission, The Team realizes that to save the BlackBestFriend from the forces standing in the way of liberation it will take a whole army. One revolutionary night in the woods, this fearsome foursome gathers a new group of Recruits and prepares to fight tooth and nail, heart and soul, to reclaim the BlackBestFriend from the white imagination. The first step? Breaking up with white best friends and decolonizing intimate relationships. Is this Team up to the task? Through guided meditation, memory work, improvisation, aromatherapy, self-care, and straight up badass friendship, The Team finds a way out of the BlackBestFriend quagmire and into self-defined liberation.

If you are ready to take part in the BlackBestFriend Revolution, 

join us by clicking above and you will be taken to the BlackBestFriend live performance registration page.


The performance will take place in a private Zoom Meeting where Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color will gather to uplift and witness Black Femme revolutionary badassery.

(this performance will be recorded and streamed the following week for a general audience.) 


Thank you for being a soldier of solidarity! To prepare for this event, please spend some time with the BlackBestFriend Handbook Zine, where you’ll find resources for joy and introspection (and coloring).


See you on Juneteenth!

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