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theBlackBestFriend is a creative hub for Black joy, resilience, and community. Born out of the necessity of rescuing Black characters from colonized narratives, theBlackBestFriend embraces Black multiplicity and amplifies the voices of Black artists—no matter what they need to say.

theBlackBestFriend prioritizes radical accessibility to Black stories for members of the global majority. theBlackBestFriend commits to art-making that is a resounding rebuke of white supremacy culture, a system of oppression from which all white people benefit. While our work is not created for white people, we invite white allies to witness, open up, and learn from our work.

Founded in 2021 by AZ Espinoza and Brie Knight, theBlackBestFriend’s first production was the Juneteenth Celebration and Virtual Liberation event BLACKBESTFRIEND, which invited Recruits to join the revolution in freeing stereotypical Black best friends from their caricature, traumatic fates.

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